Business leaders require a compelling story to convince organizations to explore robot innovations. Why are robots a good fit for your company? What is the vision for the future? What is the value case? What are the various scenarios for a roll-out? Through a Quick Scan we establish potential. We then build a meaningful and fact-based message to facilitate decision-making and inspire action.


The goal is to optimize the value robots can deliver for people. We propose piloting robot solutions and experimenting with new service processes in a user-centric and structured manner. We gather insights to establish market place potential. We develop and execute a tailored commercial pilot by testing solutions, finding commercial and operational pilot partners and iterating the business model.


The robots aren't coming, they're already here. There are many solutions available, ranging from specialized to general purpose and from purely practical to super social. We help identify opportunities for robotic additions across the customer journey and find appropriate solutions in the marketplace. We help quantify and shape potential benefits for customers and staff and define an associated set of KPIs to measure impact going forward.


The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed. Forward thinking organizations understand the innovation imperative and make it a part of their DNA. We work side by side with innovation teams to create an overview of current and future robot technologies and explore its potential impact on (latent) customer needs. In a structured dialogue we devise new products / services, business models and partnerships.


Like all new hires, robots should be deployed in an orderly manner. Changing processes can be challenging and time consuming. Some of your staff may be apprehensive towards the prospect of robotic co-workers. People require training and the right tools to work with robots effectively and maximize user outcomes. We create the change management strategy, draft the key messages and define the right channels, identify required training and shape the materials and delivery method.